San Antonio Zoo's Emergency Fund Campaign

Let's ZOO This!

San Antonio Zoo is home to thousands of animals from fish to mammals to birds to reptiles and everything in between.  San Antonio Zoo’s recent closure has had a drastic impact on our operating budget as we rely 100% on donations, ticket sales, guest spending, and grants to operate and support our vision of securing a future for wildlife.  Without visitors, we had virtually no income.  The unprecendented 11-week closure brought an estimated loss of over $4 Million.  

As a 501(c)3 organization that relies on financial support from the community, our recovery will be long.  We rely on donors like you to support over 900 species in residence.  Some of these animals no longer exist in the wild and only in accredited zoos.  Some of our animal residents are making historic repopulation come backs because our animal care team "cracked the code" on how to support their natural breeding environments.  Many animals require specialty foods for their diet that may be challenged by interrupted food supply chains.  Our animals deserve the best care possible and a future to thrive.  

Your support is more critical now than it has been in the zoo’s entire 106-year history, and you can help the zoo from the comfort and safety of your own home!  Your financial support will help us continue to care for our beloved animals as we reopen our gates to guests.  Together we can keep the animals and their care staff thriving during the road to recovery.  They need us like never before!

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