During the recent closure San Antonio Zoo experienced unprecedented financial loss and strained resources to maintain animal care. San Antonio Zoo, unlike most other zoos in the country, depends 100% on ticket sales, guest spending, grants, and donations. Without visitors, we had virtually no income. The 11 week closure brought an estimated loss of over $4 Million.

We are doing everything we can to maintain quality care of our animals, keep our expenses low, raise funds through donations, our May Drive Through Zoo experience, virtual Behind the Scenes experiences, gift baskets, annual passes, and any creative idea we generate. Your support is greatly appreciated AND greatly needed for us to help maintain continuity of care for our animals.

Our recovery will be long, and we rely on donors like you to support over 900 species in residence at the 106-year-old historic zoo. Some of these animals no longer exist in the wild and only in accredited zoos. Many animals require specialty foods for their diet that are at risk of interrupted food supply chains. Some of our animal residents are making historic repopulation come backs because our animal care team "cracked the code" on how to support their natural breeding environments. Our animals deserve the best care possible and a future to thrive.

Please help sustain the care and operations of San Antonio zoo with a generous gift and creating a fundraising page to encourage your friends, family and network to support the zoo. By participating, you get to earn unique zoo experiences. The more you raise, the more memories you make!